Monday, 26 January 2015

Mahila Housing Trust ( MHT )

Mahila Housing Trust (MHT) is an autonomous organization promoted by Self Employed Women Association (SEWA).It was formed in 1994 with the overall objective of improving the housing and infrastructure conditions of poor women in the informal sector. Within this general framework, MHT facilitates access to services such as shelter finance, legal advice, technical assistance, information on the housing market, and shelter-related income opportunities for poor working women.

MHT believes that all citizens, irrespective of their residential status, have a right of equal access to basic services and that they have a right to be treated uniformly and justfully by the service providers. Towards this, MHT focuses on enhancing civic engagement among citizens particularly slum residents, women and rural poor, through promotion of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and grassroot women’s leadership.

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